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Lease Air was founded in April 1972 for flight training and air taxi flights. Activities were expanded with charters flight from Humberside Airport,North Lincolnshire destinations such as Antwerp, Brussels, Edinburgh, Esbjerg, Gothenburg, Norwich, Rotterdam and Sumburgh. In 1977, a contract was signed by Lease Air to operate a number of cargo flights between Humberside and Amsterdam and Ostend. Two Douglas Dakotas were purchased in July 1978 from Intra Airways.The name of the company changed from Lease Air to Eastern Airways. In September 1982 General Relays Ltd, owner of Liverpool-based Genair, announced that it would acquire both Eastern Airways and Casair operations and continue under the Genair name.

This page lists all films, TV series, and video games that feature aircraft of Eastern Airways (Lease Air Ltd).

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