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FedEx Feeder logo.
--/---/--- (depending on the sub-contractor).

FedEx Feeder is the branding applied to all FedEx Express propeller-driven aircraft which feed packages to and from airports served by larger jet aircraft. In the United States (along with Morningstar Air Express in Canada), FedEx Express operates FedEx Feeder (and for Morningstar, mainline FedEx service) on a dry lease program where the contractor will lease the aircraft from the FedEx fleet and provide a crew to operate the aircraft solely for FedEx. All of the feeder aircraft operated in the United States, plus the Morningstar feeder and mainline fleet, are owned by FedEx Express and because of this all of the aircraft are in the FedEx Feeder livery (or in the case of Morningstar's mainline fleet, standard FedEx Express livery). Just like regional airlines, the contractor will operate the aircraft with their own flight number and call sign. Outside the United States (except for Morningstar Air Express), the contractor will supply their own aircraft, which may or may not be in the FedEx Feeder livery. Depending on the arrangement with FedEx, the contractor may be able to carry cargo for other companies with the FedEx cargo.

This page lists all films, TV series, and video games that feature aircraft of FedEx Feeder.

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