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IM/--/India Mike or Invicta.

Invicta International Airlines was a charter airline based at Manston Airport in the United Kingdom. It operated non-scheduled passenger and freight services between 1965 and 1982. It was announced on 3 January 1969 that Invicta was to merge with British Midland Airways, effective 18 March. British Midland Airways was to operate passenger flights using a fleet of 12 Viscounts. Invicta was to operate a cargo service under the name British Midland - Invicta Cargo using a fleet of three DC-4s. By April,it had been decided that the merger was not working, and in June were formed Invicta Airways Ltd. The aircraft were three DC-4s, the Viscounts having gone to British Midland Airways as part of the merger.

This page lists all films, TV series, and video games that feature aircraft of Invicta International Airlines.

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