Espoir, sierra de Teruel

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Espoir, sierra de Teruel movie poster.

Movie (1945)
International title : Man's Hope
Alternative title : Days of Hope

Andrés Mejuto (Capitan Munoz)
Nicolás Rodríguez (Pilot Marquez)
José Sempere (Commandant Pena)
Pedro Codina (Schreiner, pilot of the DH-87)
José Lado (the peasant)

At Teruel, the Fronte Popular troops try to blocade the Nationalists. They need to blow up the bridge. In the meantime, Republicans set up a bombing raid to destroy the hidden ennemy airbase, following the data given by a peasant. But lack of supplies forbidden a fighter escort.
Movie made in 1938 on real republican airbase but finished only in 1939 with some models. Never seen before 1945.

Potez 540

First, a model.

Espoir 00004.jpg

One the two Potez 540 M5 used for the movie.

Espoir P540 0h50mn12.JPG
Espoir P540 0h44mn07.JPG
Espoir P540 0h42mn47.JPG
Espoir 00037.jpg

Most of the inside views are from a size 1:1 model too wider (or a scrapped airframe which right side has been peeled off ?).
Between the navigator (in the foreground) and the peasant (at left), the two pilots positioned in tandem.

Espoir 00043.jpg
Espoir P540-firing 0h51mn01.JPG

de Havilland DH87B Hornet

Espoir DH87B-Hornet 0h23mn01.JPG
Espoir DH87B-Hornet 0h22mn51.JPG
Espoir DH87B-Hornet 0h23mn14.JPG
Espoir DH87B-Hornet 0h24mn39.JPG
Espoir DH87B-Hornet 0h24mn55.JPG

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

Same aircraft (but flipped) in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reputedly a JN-4.

Bloch MB.210

Four Bloch 210 were used by Republicans. In 1938, this one was awaiting repair following damage to the undercarriage and its right wing (missing here).

Espoir MB210 0h25mn08.JPG
Nose turret, machine gun unload.
Espoir MB210 0h25mn39.JPG

Polikarpov I-15 Chaika

Espoir I15 0h35mn05.JPG
Most of the I-15 are unserviceable by lack of engines.
Espoir I15 0h35mn40.JPG

Unidentified Aircraft

The Captain is saying : "this one was shoot down yesterday ... a Breda ..." (Breda is not among the subtitles). Of the 23 Breda Ba.65s sent to Spain, 12 had been lost in the course of the Civil War. It could be another type of Breda or Caproni A.P.1 or something else ?

Espoir SD 0h36mn00.JPG

Fiat BR.20

Nicknamed Cicogna.

Espoir SD 0h36mn06.JPG

Unidentified Aircraft

Finding the hidden ennemy airfield.

Espoir45 hidden.jpg

Bombing the ennemy aircraft.

Espoir foe 0h51mn26.JPG

Gourdou Leseurre B6

Perhaps the personnal aircraft of the famous pilot Cavalli using fumes to underline his skill.

Gourdou Leseurre B6.

Morane-Saulnier MS.225

Attacking fighters are illustrated by an aerobatic team taken during meeting in the prewar years. Colors are those of the Patrouille d'Etampes (which led after war to the famous Patrouille de France).
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Morane-Saulnier MS.225
Espoir foe MS225 P-Etampes.jpg

Fiat CR.32

Archive document on Nationalists Spannish air forces, using CR.32.

LEspoir friend 0h54mn38.JPG

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