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Wondering what all the HTML on this website means, all that coded text on the edit page?

This page provides a brief insight into the use of this code.


HTML Code Input Output Description Variations
AF1VC-25A.jpg Embeds an image in the page.
Default left side.
Embeds an image in the page with border.
Images automatically ordered on right side.
'|none' defaults image to left side.
Embeds an image to the right side of the page. 'center' aligns image to page center.
AF1VC-25A.jpg Embeds an image in the page at specified size. No parameter = default image size.
[[Image:File.jpg|thumb|Description of File.jpg]]
Description of File.jpg
Embeds an image in the page with border and text at bottom.
Text only works with border.


The font of any text can be changed using the code:
<font (style change)>(required text)</font>

The table below shows the different styles:

HTML Code Input Output Description Variations
Regular Font Regular font No changes
<font size=#>Different size</font>
Different size Changes the text size.
# = text size value.
Use 'point-size=#' for universal 'point' sizes.
<font color=(color choice)>Different color</font>
Different color Changes the text color.
<font face=(typeface)>Different typrface</font>
Different typeface Changes the typeface.

Quick Font Changes

If it just a small amount of text that needs changing, shortcuts can be used instead of the full '<Font>' formatting:

HTML Code Input Output Description Variations
text Creates bold text.
text Creates italic text.
text Creates 'big' text. <small></small>

Other Formatting

HTML Code Input Output Description Variations
Creates a a 'break' i.e. new line.
[[The Internet Movie Plane Database]]
The Internet Movie Plane Database Internal link to page. Add '#Section title' after 'Page Name' links to specified section.
[[The Internet Movie Plane Database|Home Page]]
Home Page Internal link with specified link name.
[ IMPDb Forum]
IMPDb Forum External link with specified link name (IMPDb Forum).
== New Section ==
New Section

Creates New Section on page. '=== Subsection ==='

Creates bullet points. Use '#' for numbering.
Bthebest 14:36, 9 July 2010 (UTC) Tags a post with Username and Date.
Indent post text
Indent post text
Indent post text
Indents the line

Category Coding

This may look complicated but is actually very simple:

To add a page to a category, just link as you would to any page using:
[[Category:Aircraft Name]]

This code adds the current page to that category. You can add the link anywhere on the page, as it won't appear as text, but it keeps things clear if they are added at the bottom. All categories that the page belongs to, appear in a bar at the bottom.

To create a link to a category, such as in a section title, use a colon (:) before 'Category'. This stops it categorizing the page, and removing the code. To prevent the 'Category' being displayed, use an 'Internal link with specified link name' as in the table above. You can also add a more specific 'Aircraft Name'. The HTML code therefore is:
[[:Category:Aircraft Name|Aircraft Name]]

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