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Welcome to IMPDb!

If you like what you see and you would like to be a part of it, it's very easy.

  • First, create an account, pick your own username and password. This way it is easy for other users to contact you and also gives you credit for your contributions! We also suggest (maybe later on) adding some basic information about yourself, just click on your username in the top right.
  • Create a new page! If the movie/TV show is already on the site, just click on it in the search results and the page will open. Some basic information may already be included so you'll need to click edit at the top. If the page isn't on the list, type the full title into the search box on the left (make sure capitals are used where necessary), then click on the red link where it says Create the page "(Your Movie Name)" on this wiki!
  • If you are just editing the page, you will need to click on the 'edit' tab above the page title. Please make sure of your information before changing other user's contributions. Uncertainties or disagreements can be discussed on the 'discussion' page.
  • Copy in, or write if you know HTML, the relevant text to the box adding the information you have. It's strongly encouraged to view the other movie pages to keep the formatting the same. Before you are ready to submit your page, use the "Show preview" button to make sure it looks right to reduce editing later.
  • If you don't know HTML, or even if you do, it is recommended to use this template. This keeps the formatting the same across the site, just add in your own information. You can add as many subsections as you need, just copy the relevant text. Likewise with pictures. See 'Guidelines' below for more information.
  • If you are working on a page and intend to come back and work on it a short time later, use the 'Under Construction' template to prevent others interrupting your work. Enter the code below on the first line. You can delete it when you've finished.
{{Under Construction}}
  • If you are unsure about anything, the formatting doesn't work and you can't fix it or want to make a comment on what you've added: click discussion at the top and add your comments. Sign your post with '~~~~'.
  • Here is a link to some HTML coding for the MediaWiki software. For more help on specific coding used on this site, see MediaWiki Syntax

For more tips on editing pages see Further Editing
For the latest information on how pages should be formatted, use the forum

Uploading Pictures

This process couldn't be simpler:

  • Click on Upload file link in the toolbox in the navigation bar on the left.
  • Find the file on your computer and give it a unique name in the 'Destination filename' box. eg. instead of just '747' put the initials of the film before it, 'DZ747' (Drop Zone)
  • Click 'Upload file'.
  • When using the file on your page, use the exact name (inc. capitals) as in the 'Destination filename'. Make sure your file extension is in png, gif, jpg, or jpeg format. These are the only extensions permitted.

Help identifying aircraft can be found at Identifying Aircraft.

Finished Page

Once you have your finished page, the title will automatically appear in the Movie/TV List page, the link of which is located on the left hand column.

  • If you have aircraft that haven't been identified, then you should format the section title as follows:
    [[Category:Unidentified Aircraft]][[:Category:Unidentified Aircraft|Unidentified Aircraft]]


A set of guidelines has been established in order to maintain a uniform standard across the site. These are subject to change, as per discussions on the forum.

Page Titling

  • The primary format for page titles should simply be the production name as given by the original title on
  • If more than one edition of the production exists, i.e. different years, then the name should be followed by the year of the relevant production e.g. King Kong (1933).
  • If the production exists as both a film and a TV series; then the page for the TV series should be titled (Production name) (TV Series) e.g. Air America, Air America (TV Series). Appropriate notes as seen at the beginning of these example pages should also be included.
    • If the above is true, and there are also multiple versions of the TV series, then the year should be added before the 'TV Series' suffix e.g. Jericho (2006 TV Series).


  • The template and example page below, shows how every page should be formatted. Even the most minor details are important to maintain a good standard on the site. Users are encouraged to add personal contributions but please keep this to the synopsis and picture comments.
  • The cast list should contain no more than about 6 of the key cast members, using the format given, 'Actor name (Character name)', in blue font. Episode numbers or years active should NOT be included.
    • Cast list is not applicable for video games.
  • Where possible a synopsis should be included. This should be a brief factual outline of the storyline, without giving any major plotlines away and with no personal opinions.
  • The Also from this series: link should be used where appropriate and located after the synopsis. It is included using the syntax {{Series}}. An example of this can be seen in the Transformers series.
  • Special Notes:
    • {{Animation}} should be used for all animated films.
    • {{CGI}} should be used where a film uses a significant quantity of noticeable CGI (see Superman Returns).
    • {{Video Game}} should used for all video games.
  • For TV Series:
    • The page should be split into Seasons using the '== Season # ==' format.
    • The episode number and name (as applicable) in which it an aircraft appears can be included in the aircraft's description (see Magnum, P.I.).
  • The title of an aircraft should be its full title, (Manufacturer name) (Alpha-numeric designation) (Common name).
    • The 'manufacturer name' should be that of the company that produced it at the time it was built.
    • The 'alpha-numeric designation' should be used where possible. The primary designation is that of the operator eg. military, but if not applicable then the code given by the manufacturer.
    • The 'common name' applies mostly to military and vintage aircraft. It should only be included if the aircraft is officially known as, or formally designated a name.
  • The template {{footnote}} must be used on all pages directly above the 'See also' section.
    • {{VGFootnote}} should be used for video games.
  • The 'See also' section should contain just three links: (Movie) at IMDb, (Movie) at Wikipedia and (Movie) at IMCDb - dependent on existence of such pages An additional link may be acceptable if you would like to include more than 5 screenshots of a specific aircraft from the production. If this is the case, please use the format: [(url link to forum page) More (movie title) aircraft on the forum]. You will need to create the thread using the movie's title in the Additional Pictures section of the forum. The site founder may find it necessary to add additional links to similar websites who significantly support IMPDb. If that is the case, he will be the only one to do so until further notice.


  • The number of pictures should be limited to a maximum of 5 per aircraft, although more may be acceptable if the aircraft type is seen in multiple variations or liveries.
    • An additional link in the 'See also' section may be acceptable if you would like to include more than 5 screenshots of a specific aircraft from the film. If this is the case, please use the format: [(url link to forum page) More (movie title) aircraft on the forum]. You will need to create the thread using the movie's title in the Additional Pictures section of the forum.
  • Interior shots should only be included on the wiki when it's the only shot from a specific aircraft or when it's necessary to help with identification. Interior shots should be included on the forum using the above mentioned 'See also' section link.
  • Pictures should be cropped to remove any black space.
  • The picture must contain the aircraft which is being identified!
  • The first picture used should give the clearest representation of the aircraft with following pictures showing uses of the aircraft in the production.
  • Pictures should sized at 500px and be on the left side of the page.
  • Comments about the aircraft and individual pictures should be factual and be relevant to the production or individual aircraft.
  • All comments must be 'clean'.


This Example Page shows how what the format of a finalized page should look like. The following productions are good examples of what a completed page should look like:

Air Force One
Magnum, P.I.
Far Cry 3

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