It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World movie poster.

Movie (1963)

Spencer Tracy (Capt. T. G. Culpepper)
Milton Berle (J. Russell Finch)
Sid Caesar (Melville Crump)
Buddy Hackett (Benjy Benjamin)
Ethel Merman (Mrs. Marcus)
Mickey Rooney (Ding Bell)

An all-star cast of crazies races across southern California in search of a cache of stolen cash.

Standard J-1

This rather dilapidated example (built in 1916) is chartered by Melville and Monica Crump (Sid Ceasar and Edie Adams).

Melville Crump tries to talk his wife Monica into boarding.

Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan

This well-equipped example (it has a wet bar), flown by Tyler Fitzgerald (Jim Backus), is chartered by Ding Bell (Mickey Rooney) and Benjy Benjamin (Buddy Hackett).
Registration N63158, c/n 4037 ex USAAF light bomber modified as civilian Model 18 after the war.

The famous billboard stunt, flown by legendary movie stunt pilot Frank Tallman.
Taxiing into the restaurant set at the former Rancho Conejo airport.

Cessna 182E Skylane

Reg. N9330X blue Cessna 182E Skylane c/n 18253730 built in 1962.

Flying through a hangar at what is now the Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport.

Bell 47G

Operated by the apparently fictional Crockett County Sheriff’s Department, this example initially tracks the Beech 18 flown by Tyler Fitzgerald.


Bell 47J Ranger

Operated by an unidentified law enforcement agency, this example follows a car driven by two of the minor characters.


Various Background Aircraft

Several scenes are among or near airfields and then we can see lots of aircraft in the background. Here are some example of those guess in the distance.
(right) Cessna 150/152s.

MadMad Cessna.jpg

(center) Perhaps a white Beechcraft B55 Baron?

MadMad Twin.jpg

North American Navion A

Reg. N8897H North American Navion (NA-145) c/n NAV-4-897.

MadMad Navion-N8897H.jpg

Beechcraft Bonanza

The V-tail of a Beechcraft Bonanza is easy to find among what seem to be (from left to right) a Cessna 150, a Stinson 108 (?), a blue and white Piper PA-28(-180 ?) Cherokee with (near the right hangars) a North American/Ryan Navion and an unidentified taildragger aircraft.

MadMad VTail.jpg

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