La boca del lobo

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La boca del lobo title credit.

Movie (1980)
English title: In the Mouth of the Wolf

Gustavo Bueno (Lt. Roca)
Toño Vega (Vitin Luna)
José Tejada (Gallardo)
Gilberto Torres (Sgt. Moncada)
Bertha Pagaza (Julia)
Antero Sanchez (Lt. Basulto)

The military anti-terrorist army takes control of "Chuspi", an unknown and faraway small village, isolated by the terrorist group "Sendero Luminoso" (Shining Path). A soldier called Vitin Luna, and other young soldiers face an invisible, perhaps superior force. Their unit is commanded by a brutal lieutenant who declares the entire village guilty of treason. In the face of this crisis, Vitin must choose between blind obedience and his own conscience

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