Miami Vice (TV Series)

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Last updated on 11 February 2018.

Miami Vice DVD cover.

TV Series (1984-1990)

Don Johnson (Detective James Crockett)
Philip Michael Thomas (Detective Ricardo Tubbs)
Saundra Santiago (Detective Gina Calabrese)
Olivia Brown (Detective Trudy Joplin)
Michael Talbott (Detective Stan Switek()
Edward James Olmos (Lieutenant Martin Castillo)

The adventures of the vice squad detectives of the Miami Police Department.

Season One

Grumman G-73 Mallard

Ep.1.01 Pilot.
Water body around Miami Seaplane Base.

Grumman G-73 Mallard of Chalk's Ocean Airways.

Grumman G-73T Turbo Mallard

Ep.1.01 Pilot
Calderone escapes from Crockett and Tubbs aboard this plane. Reg. N2969, c/n J-27.

Reg.N2969 Grumman G-73T Turbo Mallard of Chalk’s International Airlines.
Grumman G-73T Turbo Mallard of Chalk’s International Airlines.

Bell 206L LongRanger

Ep. 1.05 Calderone's Return: Part II
Seen parked outside Calderone's mansion. Unmarked with no visible registration or livery.

Beechcraft Model 18

Ep. 1.15 Smuggler's Blues
Crockett and Tubbs use this plane during an undercover mission to Cartagena. They later use it to escape from Colombian drug dealers. Reg. N441MH, c/n A-0121.

Season Two

Beechcraft 60 Duke

Ep. 2.01 The Prodigal Son
Seen in the swamp when the Revilla family's gang are smuggling drugs. Reg. N242B (or N2428 ? N242G ? N2420? difficult to really tell) is probably false.

Prodigal son3.png

Aérospatiale AS355E TwinStar

Ep. 2.01 The Prodigal Son
Esteban Revilla attempts to escape in this helicopter. Crockett shoots at it, and either hits the pilot or the controls, causing it to fly out of control and crash, blowing up. Reg. N57807, c/n 5039.

Reg. N57807 Aérospatiale AS355E TwinStar.
Reg. N57807 Aérospatiale AS355E TwinStar.

Bell UH-1C/HAL-3 Seawolf

Ep. 2.11 Phil The Shill .
Similar scene in The Weather Underground but different registration.

Bell UH-1C/HAL-3 Seawolf of the US Navy.

Bell 412

Ep. 2.12 Definitely Miami
Metro-Dade police helicopter who chases after Clemente's limousine, but is told to back off by Castillo. Registration is visible but difficult to make out.

Definitely miami1.jpg
Definitely miami2.jpg

Bell 206 JetRanger

Ep. 2.12 Definitely Miami
Metro-Dade police helicopter which lands on the beach to arrest Callie.

Definitely miami3.jpg
Definitely miami4.jpg

Learjet 25A

Ep. 2.14 One Way Ticket
Lawyer Larry Thurman owns one of these and routinely flies solo in it for what he calls "high altitude meditation." False registration N24PJ (which really belongs to a Schleicher ASW-24). Another one is seen at the airfield he takes off from, partial registration N327-.

Learjet 25D

Ep. 2.14 One Way Ticket
In scenes of Thurman in flight, his Learjet 25A is replaced by a smaller 25D with the false registration N464CL (which actually belongs to a larger Learjet 25A).

Grumman G-73T Mallard

Ep. 2.14 One Way Ticket
Phillipe Sagot attempts to escape using this plane, but the arrival of Vice prompts him to instead flee in a speedboat. Reg. N2974, c/n J-36.

Season Three

Bell 222A

Ep. 3.01 When Irish Eyes Are Crying.
Registration N8185J is fictitious. The real one was YV-163CP. This Bell 222A c/n 47088 was first registered N222AB until 1984.

Bell 222A of Metro Police.

Season Five

Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle

Ep. 5.06 Line of Fire
Hitmen come after Crockett in this helicopter, but he shoots it down by firing a flare gun into the open side door.

Line of fire.jpg
Line of fire1.jpg

Hughes MD 500

Ep. 5.06 Line of Fire
In a continuity error, when the hitmen's Gazelle is destroyed, it turns into an MD 500.

Line of fire2.jpg

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