Mister Dynamit - Morgen küßt euch der Tod

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Mister Dynamit - Morgen küßt euch der Tod DVD cover.

Movie (1967)
French title : Monsieur Dynamite
English titles: Spy Today, Die Tomorrow or Die Slowly, You'll Enjoy It More
Italian title : Muori lentamente... te la godi di più
Spanish title : Mister Dinamita, mañana os besará la muerte

Lex Barker (Bob Urban / Mr. Dynamit)
Maria Perschy (Lu Forrester)
Amedeo Nazzari (Bardo Baretti)
Ullrich Haupt (General Forman)

Millionaire Baretti pays a gang to rob an atomic bomb from an American silo, and then blackmails the USA Government for a huge amount of money. German secret service (BND) agent 'Dynamite' will use his fists, guns and more in a violent bomb chase.

Hughes 269


Beechcraft T-34 Mentor


Douglas F4D-1 Skyray

Douglas F4D-1 Skyray of Fighter Squadron 162 (VF-162) of the United States Navy (1960-1962).


Vought F-8 Crusader

Vought F8U-1E (or F-8B after 1962) Crusader from Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-251 Thunderbolts.

MDynamit A-7.jpg

Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris


Douglas DC-8-33

Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas & De Havilland DH.106 Comet 4B & Convair 440

From left to right.

Douglas DC-7C Seven Seas of Trans-Europa Compania de Aviacion SA, De Havilland DH.106 Comet 4B of BEA-British European Airways and Convair 440-12 Metropolitan of Aviaco.

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