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Nice Flight! poster.

TV Series (2022)

Yuta Tamamori (Sui Kurata)
Anne Nakamura (Mayu Shibuya)

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Boeing 767-346/ER

Various 767-346s make appearances throughout the series as the story starts with Kurata being a 767 pilot of JAL.
Episode 1

Possibly a mockup?
Nice Flight 767 cockpit.jpg
Nice Flight 767-1.jpg
Nice Flight 767-3.jpg
Nice Flight 767-2.jpg
Nice Flight 767-4.jpg
Reg. JA603J (c/n 32888/880)
Reg. JA603J (c/n 32888/880)
Reg. JA606J (c/n 33495/915)
Reg. JA610J (c/n 33846/925)
Reg. JA622J (c/n 37549/977)

Episode 2

Reg. JA610J (c/n 33846/925)
Reg. JA610J (c/n 33846/925)
Reg. JA615J (c/n 33850/942)

Episode 3

Nice Flight 767-5.jpg
Nice Flight 767-6.jpg
A 787 of United Airlines can be seen in the background
Reg. JA612J (c/n 33848/929)

Episode 5

Reg. JA611J (c/n 33847/927)
Reg. JA657J (c/n 340369/1013)
A JAL 767 at Kitakyushu Airport with the wheel well code digitally filed off

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

As the series progresses, Kurata transitions from a 767 pilot to a 787 pilot. Episode 1
JA832J (c/n 34844/105) of JAL

Nice Flight JA832J.jpg

Episode 3

Nice Flight 787-1.jpg

Episode 5

Nice Flight 787-2.jpg

Episode 6

Reg. JA833J (c/n 34846/125)
Reg. JA846J (c/n 35435/915)

Episode 7
While some shots have had their regs digitally removed, other shots didn't, revealing that the aircraft used in this episode is JA848J (c/n 35438 /943), assuming other 787s weren't used.

Nice Flight 787-3.jpg
Nice Flight 787-4.jpg
Nice Flight 787-5.jpg

Episode 8

Reg. JA849J (c/n 35437/989)
Another mockup?

Boeing 787 flight simulator

Episode 6

Nice Flight 787 Simulator.jpg

Dassault Falcon 2000

Episode 7
Violates ATC instruction to hold short of Runway 24R at Kansai Airport, forcing Kurata's 787 to abort landing and go-around.

Nice Flight Ep7-1.jpg
Nice Flight Ep7-2.jpg

Airbus A350-941

JA15XJ (c/n 543) of JAL at Naha Airport in Episode 1, in oneworld livery
Another JAL A350 appears in Episode 1, this time at Haneda Airport.

Human-powered Aircraft

Episode 4

Nice Flight HPA.jpg

Boeing 787-9

Episode 7

JA861J (c/n 35422/139)

Boeing 737-846

Episode 1

Nice Flight 737-1.jpg

Episode 2

Nice Flight 737-2.jpg

Various Aircrafts

Episode 1

From left: A Fuji Dream Airlines Embraer E170 or E75S, several JAL 737-846s, and an ANA tail at New Chitose Airport

Episode 3

At Haneda Airport. The 737-846 in the front is possibly JA337J (c/n 40352/3604), in World Natural Heritage livery

Episode 7

Nice Flight KIX.jpg

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