Sniper (1993)

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Sniper poster.

Movie (1993)

Tom Berenger (Master Gunnery Sergeant Tom Beckett)
Billy Zane (NSC Agent Richard Miller)
J. T. Walsh (Colonel Chester Van Damme)
Aden Young (Corporal Doug Papich)

A veteran US Marine sniper is partnered with a rookie sniper as his spotter to take out a politician and a rebel leader in the jungles of Panama.

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Bell 212

Painted to represent a UH-1N Twin Huey of the United States Marine Corps. Appears marked as Y3 and Y8 at various points.

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Sniper (1993)heli5 2.jpg

Bell 206 JetRanger

Sniper (1993)heli3 1.jpg
Sniper (1993)heli3 2.jpg
Sniper (1993)heli3 3.jpg

Robinson R22 Beta

Two R22s have carried Australian registration VH-HPR: c/n 0865 and c/n 1083. However, c/n 1083 was written off in a crash on 30 July 1989, so this must be c/n 0865.

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