The Cyclops

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The Cyclops theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1957)

James Craig (Russ Bradford)
Gloria Talbott (Susan Winter)
Lon Chaney Jr. (Martin Melville)
Tom Drake (Lee Brand)
Duncan "Dean" Parkin (Bruce Barton)
Vicente Padula (Governor)

Susan Winter and a group of other people - pilot Lee Brand, bacteriologist Russ Bradford and wealthy businessman Martin Melville - go searching for Susan's missing fiance Bruce Barton in a desolate Mexican desert. They discover that Bruce has been mutated into a gigantic, one-eyed "cyclops" by the radiation from uranium deposits.

Cessna 170

Seen at the airfield.


Stinson 108-3 Voyager

The primary airplane, bought by Susan and flown by Lee. Registration N6647M.


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