The Dawn Patrol (1930)

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Last updated on 31 May 2022.

The Dawn Patrol 1930 movie poster.

Movie (1930)
Aka (télévision and original script title) : (The) Flight Commander
French title : La patrouille de l'aube (1930)

Richard Barthelmess (Dick Courtney)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Douglas Scott)
Neil Hamilton (Major Brand)
Frank McHugh (Flaherty)

Air War in 1915 ... What is more deadly ? fighting in the air or commanding ?

Travel Air 3000

A footage used by so many aviation movies and documentaries !

TheDawnPatrol30 00122.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 00212.jpg

Travel Air 4000

TheDawnPatrol30 00632.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 00643.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 00659.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 05349.jpg

Garland-Lincoln LF-1

Including N12237 seen (anonymously) in several movies (see IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing)).
Three airframes built and designed from the original Nieuport 28 drawing set. Minor changes (engine, shorter fuselage), the most visible being the upper wing without dihedral and N interwing struts.
Action is set in 1915 when fighters couldn't shot through the propeller's circle, so the need of a machine gun over the upper wing... never used during movie's fighting ! On the contrary, the shootings are carried out with the weapons of hood which were not in service in 1915.

TheDawnPatrol30 00718.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 00738.jpg
Fighting high is too fighting against the cold !
Note the upper machine gun ... without ammunition supply! During some scenes, it deviates slightly from side to side when the aircraft is banking!
Another shot is clearly showing NIE 24 (for Nieuport 24), a type introduced only on Spring 1917.
Start !

The other difference with the Nieuport 28 : the upper wing is further away from the fuselage than on the original aircraft.

TheDawnPatrol30 05516.jpg

The three Garland-Lincoln LF-1 built : which one is N12237 ?

TheDawnPatrol38 1.jpg

Pfalz D.XII

TheDawnPatrol30 05330.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

TheDawnPatrol30 05549.jpg
TheDawnPatrol30 05600.jpg

Another type :

TheDawnPatrol30 05606.jpg

Travel Air 3000

TheDawnPatrol30 13631.jpg

Thomas-Morse S-4 Scout

TheDawnPatrol30 13637.jpg

From the The Dawn Patrol (1938), another movie which reused lots of footage.

TheDawnPatrol38 11728.jpg

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