The Incredible Hulk (2008)

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The Incredible Hulk poster.

Movie (2008)

Edward Norton (Bruce Banner)
Liv Tyler (Betty Ross)
Tim Roth (Emil Blonsky)
William Hurt (General 'Thunderbolt' Ross)

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Also from this series:
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bell 212

PDVD 008.jpg
IncHulk 00001.jpg

Lockheed CC-130H Hercules

Hercules of the Canadian Armed Forces since 2002, serial 130337 c/n 4584. Canada and tail's flag changed by computer in favor of USAF titles.

PDVD 010.jpg
IncHulk 00002.jpg

Sikorsky CH-3

Mocked-up as CH-53 Pave Low.

IncHulk 00004.jpg
IncHulk 00006.jpg

Boeing AH-64A Apache

IncHulk 00005.jpg

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