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The Internet Movie Plane Database was created so aircraft and movie enthusiasts, as well as the guys in the aircraft industry have a fun, organized place to compile a list of movies which feature airplanes, helicopters, and the likes for everyone to enjoy and be able to easily identify just what was used in a particular movie. The site was started in late 2009 by User:Tleeg.

It was decided early on that the site would be in a common wiki format to offer the ability to edit, update, and add content to anyone.

How to contact IMPDb

Important information:

  • IMPDb has no editorial board.
    Revisions are not reviewed before they appear on the site. Content is not the result of an editorial decision by IMPDb or its staff.
  • Although you can contact Tobin Lee via email, he is not necessarily responsible for individual articles or daily operations.
  • IMPDb is written, edited, and maintained in part, by volunteers from around the world.

New User Accounts

  • New users are being accepted to the site on a case-by-case basis. Please email your name, desired username and a few words about what you can contribute to the site to
  • You can also message us on our Facebook page
  • Please be patient, we will contact you when the account has been created

For questions, comments, concerns, or about helping out with website content, please feel free to email us at: