Șah la rege

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Șah la rege movie poster.

Movie (1965)

Emil Botta (Deliu)
Ion Besoiu (capitan Grigoras)
Haralambie Boroș (Cazacu)
Elena-maria Vitas (Vichi)

(Synopsis needed)

Aero Ae-45

Reg. YR-AER, c/n 49-038.

SahLaRege 02345.jpg

Industria Aeronautică Română IAR-817S

Designed in the mid-fifties. Around sixty airframes built.

SahLaRege 02335.jpg

Reg. YR-ASW, c/n 23.

The high beam rear fuselage over the rear glass door for a stretcher.

Industria Aeronautică Română IAR-818

Reg. YR-AVT, c/n 33 of Aviasan.

SahLaRege 10640.jpg
SahLaRege 10744.jpg
SahLaRege 10755.jpg
SahLaRege 10950.jpg

Several shot are filmed inside the cabin, focused on the three characters and so allowing to guess (more to really see) how the airframe is designed... but the main arrangement -the stretcher- is not shown. Only the high beam rear fuselage allowing a one-piece rear clamshell door can indicate the main role of this medical aircraft.

SahLaRege 11430.jpg

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