Action in Arabia

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Action in Arabia movie poster.

Movie (1944)
French title : Sabotage à Damas ou Intrigue à Damas

George Sanders (Michael Gordon)
Virginia Bruce (Yvonne Danesco)
Lenore Aubert (Mounirah al-Rashid)
Gene Lockhart (Josef Danesco)

(Synopsis needed)

Capelis XC-12

Same aircraft in other movies at Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).
Seen again at the very end when George Sanders is leaving Damascus.

Action InArabia 72.jpg

Fairchild 24

Fairchild 24 with only 64 as marking.

Action InArabia 91.jpg
Action InArabia 369.jpg
Action InArabia 144.jpg

Nice close view on the Warner Super Scarab seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engine.

Action InArabia 11049.jpg
Action InArabia 195.jpg

The in-flight footage are done with a model : the landing gear is too small...

Action InArabia 266.jpg

Douglas DC-3

George Sanders is on board the Capelis XC-12, waving the hand through the window and here is the continuity error : next, this anonymous Douglas DC-3 (but with AA on the left extrados) is taking off.

Action InArabia 62.jpg

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