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Arachnophobia movie poster.

Movie (1990)

Jeff Daniels (Dr. Ross Jennings)
Harley Jane Kozak (Molly Jennings)
John Goodman (Delbert McClintock)
Julian Sands (Dr. James Atherton)
Stuart Pankin (Sheriff Lloyd Parsons)
Brian McNamara (Chris Collins)

A group of entomologists discovers a new and deadly poisonous species of spider in Venezuela. After one of the team is bitten and killed by one, the spiders hitch a ride in his coffin back to the American town of Canaima, California where they begin spreading and biting the townspeople. Newly arrived doctor Ross Jennings and eccentric exterminator Delbert McClintock struggle to defeat the spiders.

Bell 212

Used by the entomologists in the film's opening sequence. Carries Venezuelan registration YV-0-PM5, likely false.

Reg. YV-0-PM5.

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