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Art & Copy poster.

Documentary (2009)

Lee Clow
Jim Durfee
Cliff Freeman
Jeff Goodby
David Kennedy

Art & Copy is documentary film about the advertising industry in the U.S. The film follows the careers of advertisers.

Convair 240 & Douglas DC-6

Convair 240 & Douglas DC-6 of American Airlines.

Douglas DC-3

Artcopy 02178.jpg

Boeing 707

Boeing 707 of Braniff International Airways.

Artcopy 02202.jpg
Artcopy 02395.jpg
Artcopy 02400.jpg

The below picture shows registration N7076 Boeing 707 (c/n 18064/187) of Braniff International Airways.

Artcopy 02526.jpg

Bell 206 JetRanger

Artcopy 07170.jpg

Boeing 727

Boeing 727 of FedEx Express.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 of FedEx Express.

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