Bakuha 3-byô mae

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Bakuha 3-byô mae poster.

Movie (1967)
Japanese title: 爆破3秒前
English title: 3 Seconds Before Explosion

Akira Kobayashi (Yabuki)
Ryoji Hayama (Uetsuki)
Kazuo Kitamura (Sugiyama)
Katsue Takaishi (Nana)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing 707

Boeing 707 of Northwest Airlines arriving at Haneda Airport.

Bakuha 707 2.jpg
In the back, we can also see at least 3 DC-8s of JAL.

Kawasaki KH-4 & Bell 47

The soap bubble canopy in the background is a Bell (/Kawasaki?) 47G with a foregrounded Kawasaki KH-4.

Bakuha helicopter.jpg

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