Birds Do It

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Birds Do It poster.

Movie (1966)

Soupy Sales (Melvin Byrd)
Tab Hunter (Lt. Porter)
Arthur O'Connell (Prof. Wald)
Edward Andrews (Gen. Smithburn)

Melvin Byrd, who dreams of being a scientist, is a Cape Kennedy "miniscule molecular particle surveillance monitor" - in short, a janitor. His job is to keep a major rocket project completely dust-free, and this he does with his own hilariously fantastic inventions - including a literal attack on dirt by a "knight on a white horse". In his work, he meets Judy, a chimp involved in a top-secret project, which leads Melvin into the one room strictly off-limits to him. Not until he has entered the project room does Melvin learn that any man entering it will be negatively ionized - making him fly like a bird.

Douglas DC-8-32

Registration N7182C, c/n 45603/74 built in 1960.

Reg. N7182C Douglas DC-8-32 of National Airlines.
Reg. N7182C Douglas DC-8-32 of National Airlines.
Reg. N7182C Douglas DC-8-32 of National Airlines.

Douglas DC-8-51

Registration N875C, c/n 45635/163 built in 1962.

Reg. N875C Douglas DC-8-51 of National Airlines.
Reg. N875C Douglas DC-8-51 of National Airlines.

Bell 47J-2 Ranger

Registration N73956, c/n 2842. Written off after stalling during takeoff in Miami on 29 March 1966.


Hughes 269 & Grumman G-21 Goose


Goodyear GZ-19A

Mayflower, registration N4A. Built in 1959 as a GZ-19, car rebuilt as a GZ-19A in 1963. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Others).


Piper PA-11 Cub Special

Registration N4591M, c/n 11-94 built in 1947.


Douglas C-49K

Registration N20751, c/n 4984. Built in 1942 for TWA as a DC-3-455 but not taken up, instead to the USAAF as C-49K serial 43-1997. After the war, to Delta Air Lines as NC20751 (later N20751) with fleet number 51. Retired by Delta in 1963 and passed into private service. Reregistered N207U in 1966 with Mercantile National Bank, Dallas, TX. Exported to Venezuela in 1970 and entered service with the Venezuelan Air Force as FAV-4AT1. Airframe preserved at the Museo Aeronáutico de Maracay (Aeronautics Museum of Maracay).


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