Bloody Monday

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Bloody Monday poster.

TV Series (2008-2010)
Japanese title: ブラッディ・マンデイ

Haruma Miura (Fujimaru Takagi)
Takeru Satoh (Otoya Kujo)
Michiko Kichise (Maya Orihara)

A genius high school student and also a hacker uses his sophisticated hacking techniques to fights against "Bloody Monday", the worst and most evil form of viral terrorism, in order to save his family, friends, and the entire world.

Season 1

Aérospatiale AS350B Ecureuil

Episode 1.04
Registration JA9467, c/n 1995 built in 1987.

Reg. JA9467 Aérospatiale AS350B Ecureuil of Aero Asahi.

Season 2

Boeing 747-481

Episode 2.01

Boeing 747-481 of ANA-All Nippon Airways.

Boeing 747-400

Episode 2.01
Boeing 747 of fictional airline JSL's Flight 421, likely a parody of Japan Airlines.

Bloody Monday JSL421-1.jpg
Bloody Monday JSL421-2.jpg
Bloody Monday JSL421 interior.jpg

Bell UH-1H Iroquois

Blurred footage used by the villain in Episode 2.08 shows a Huey being pushed into the ocean. This stock footage was taken during Operation Frequent Wind.

Bloody Monday Huey.jpg

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