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Last updated on 13 March 2023.

Brush Up Life Poster.

TV Series (2023)
Japanese title: ブラッシュアップライフ
Taiwanese title: 重啟人生

Sakura Ando (Asami 'Aachin' Kondo)
Kaho (Natsuki 'Nacchi' Kadokura)
Haruka Kinami (Miho 'Miipon' Yonekawa)

Asami Kondo is killed in a traffic accident. In the after life, she is told by the Receptionist (Bakarhythm) that she will be reincarnated into an anteater in South America. To avoid such fate, she opts to reset her life from the start.

Airbus A380

Episode 8. Likely a stock photo.

BrushUpLife A380.jpg

Boeing 737 cockpit

Seen in Episodes 9 and 10, as Asami becomes a pilot in this timeline.

BrushUpLife Ep9-cockpit1.jpg
BrushUpLife Ep9-cockpit3.jpg
BrushUpLife Ep9-cockpit2.jpg
BrushUpLife Ep10-cockpit.jpg

Piper PA-31T1 Cheyenne I

The two PA-31Ts of the Narita-Tsukuba Aviation College make an appearance in Episode 9.

BrushUpLife Ep9-Hangar1.jpg

At center, registration N611RR, c/n 31T-8004006 built in 1979. Partially cut off at far right, registration N617DW, c/n 31T-8004042 built in 1980.

BrushUpLife Ep9-Hangar2.jpg

Cessna 172P Skyhawk II

Episode 9; likely JA3909 (c/n 17275537) judging by the livery.

BrushUpLife Ep9-Hangar1.jpg

Another one from Episode 9


Airbus A321

Episode 10; stock footage of an A321 (meant to be piloted by Asami) taking off from Narita Airport.

BrushUpLife Ep10-takeoff.jpg

Boeing 767-346ER

Episode 10; stock footage of a JAL 767 landing wearing the fictional livery for "Japan Jet Sky", which Asami is flying for.

A JAL 767 landing at Narita Airport with the livery digitally altered to represent "Japan Jet Sky". The tail wing of a Hong Kong Airlines aircraft and a ZIP Air Boeing 787 can be seen in the background as well.

Various background ANA aircraft

Episode 10, at Narita Airport.
At right in the background of this first shot, the distinctive turtle livery of one of ANA's three A380s. With the teal coloring, this is registration JA382A, c/n 263 built in 2019.

BrushupLife Ep10-naritabackground1.jpg

Boeing 777 at the terminal.

BrushupLife Ep10-naritabackground2.jpg

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