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From The Internet Movie Plane Database
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Будни (Budni) title screen.

Movie (1940)
Russian title : Будни
French title : Jours ouvrables (?)
English title : Black-letter Days (?)

B. Terentiev (Nicolaï Slavin)
Galina Sergeyeva (Elena Slavina)
I. Novoseltsev (Zubov, the reckless pilot)
M. Derzhavin (Vasyanin)

(Synopsis needed)

Laville PS-89

Reg. СССР-Л2146 / SSSR-L2146 Laville PS-89 serial number 898 was the last one of a set of only seven production airframes.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (civil section).

BUDNI 01b.jpg

Engine just stopped, the pilot removes his ear plug. Note the Aeroflot title and the pilot's white shoe :

BUDNI 05.jpg

Takeoff :

BUDNI 24.jpg

The cockpit :

BUDNI cabin.jpg

In the background, a ground personnel is loading luggage in the nose compartment :

BUDNI nose.jpg

The small access door so different of the one shown in the 2005 TV series ! (Master i Margarita).

BUDNI 04.jpg

Polikarpov U-2

Background :

BUDNI 02.jpg

Main :

BUDNI 14B.jpg

Reg. СССР-Л192 / SSSR-L192 Polikarpov U-2 c/n 0185 first used by Zubov for a first flight, some aerobatics and eventually a crash in the swamp !

BUDNI 17.jpg
BUDNI 17-L192.jpg

What a surprise to see her flying again during the airshow !

BUDNI 27-L192.jpg

Polikarpov U-2 AP

Reg. СССР-A1064 / SSSR-A1064 Polikarpov U-2 AP c/n 14237.

BUDNI 14-A1064.jpg

Reg. СССР-A976 / SSSR-A976 Polikarpov U-2 AP c/n 12159.

BUDNI 16.jpg

Polikarpov U-2 SP

Reg. СССР-Л3126 / SSSR-L3126 Polikarpov U-2 SP c/n 14379 (or 14279 ?).

BUDNI 15.jpg

Reg. СССР-Л3129 / SSSR-L3129 Polikarpov U-2 SP c/n 14282.

BUDNI 20.jpg

Kalinin K-5

On the left far background.
BUDNI 11-K-5.jpg

Douglas DC-3-260

Reg. CCCP-Л3403 (SSSR-L3403) Douglas DC-3-260 c/n 2096, bought in the USA. To Aeroflot in June 1939, later named PS-84 (when fitted with new engines ?).

BUDNI 11.jpg
BUDNI 12.jpg

With Stal-3 (left border) in the distance.

BUDNI 13.jpg

Polikarpov U-2 S

(bottom right) Two Polikarpov U-2 S at the lineup's end.

BUDNI U-2S.jpg

Polikarpov R-5

Seen by a nightly and foggy hour.

BUDNI 06.jpg

Putilov Stal-3

Seen by a nightly and foggy hour.

BUDNI 07.jpg

Tupolev ANT-6

Tupolev ANT-6 is the manufacturer name but the single buyer, the Soviet Air Force named it TB-3. In 1940, the type was in a process of retirement (despite still playing a main role in July 1941 !). Airframes were actually converted to passenger and cargo transport for Aeroflot and rename as Tupolev G-2. This only sight with such a blurred shape couldn't help to say exactly which variant.

BUDNI 10.jpg

Yakovlev UT-2

Wearing the Aeroflot title.

BUDNI 19 01141.jpg
BUDNI 08.jpg
BUDNI 19 10412.jpg


Wallpaper inside the airport terminal with what seems a Douglas DC-3 or a Lisunov Li-2 with a map of air routes.

BUDNI 18.jpg


Airport of Kiev-Brovary which was the place where Istrebiteli was filmed the previous year. German army offensive totally destroyed it in 1941 and after the war, a new place was held for the next airport.
Just before the touch down of the Laville PS-89 in front of some Polikarpov U-2s and other passenger aircraft.

BUDNI 02b.jpg

Another outstanding place (despite still unidentified). Seen during the paradropping demo at the airshow.

BUDNI 21.jpg


Seems closest to the Cierva C.30 than any Soviet indigenous design.

BUDNI 23.jpg

But the shadow is a desk model of the Laville PS-89 :

BUDNI 22.jpg

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