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From The Internet Movie Plane Database
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Catch 22 movie poster.

Movie (1970)

Alan Arkin (Capt. John Yossarian)
Martin Balsam (Col. Cathcart)
Richard Benjamin (Maj. Danby)
Art Garfunkel (Capt. Nately)
Jack Gilford (Dr. 'Doc' Daneeka)
Buck Henry (Lt. Col. Korn)

A man is trying desperately to be certified insane during World War II, so he can stop flying missions.

North American B-25J Mitchell

Eighteen B-25 were used and several will play again in other movies; look at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft. Full list:

  • 6A is B-25H-1NA 43-4513 (N1203). Used as a camera ship.
  • 6B is B-25J-30NC 44-86843 (N3507G), Passionette Paulette.
  • 6C is B-25J-25NC 44-29939 (N9456Z).
  • 6D is B-25J-30NC 44-31032 (N3174G), Free, Fast and Ready.
  • 6F is B-25J-15NC 43-28925 (N7687G), Superman.
  • 6G is B-25J-5NC 43-28204 (N9856C), Booby Trap.
  • 6H is B-25J-25NC 44-30748 (N8195H), Miss Renee.
  • 6I is B-25J-30NC 44-30925 (N9494Z), Laden Maiden.
  • 6J is B-25J-30NC 44-86701 (N7681C), Annzas.
  • 6K is B-25J-25NC 44-30801 (N3699G), Vestal Virgin.
  • 6M is B-25J-20NC 44-29366 (N9115Z), Abominable Snowman.
  • 6N is B-25H-1NA 43-4432 (N10V), Berlin Express.
  • 6Q is B-25J-25NC 44-30077 (N2849G), The Denver Dumper.
  • 6S is B-25J-35NC 44-8843 (XB-HEY).
  • 6V is B-25J-25NC 44-30493 (N9451Z), Dumbo.
  • 6W is B-25J-25NC 44-30649 (N9452Z), Hot Pants.
  • 6Y is B-25J-20NC 44-29887 (N10564), Luscious Lulu.
  • 6? is B-25J-25NC 44-30823 (N1042B).
6G is the North American B-25J-5NC, 43-28204, N9856C.
6Q is the North American B-25J-25NC, 44-30077, N2849G.
North American B-25J Mitchell.
North American B-25J Mitchell.
North American B-25J Mitchell.
North American B-25J Mitchell.

Stinson L-5 Sentinel

Stinson L-5 Sentinel.

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