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Choyeon poster.

Movie (1966)
Korean title: 초연
English title: First Love

Shin Seong-il
Nam Jeong-im
Lee Soon-jae
Jeong Min
Kim Sun-cheol
Yu Gye-seon

O Jin-u of a rich family and a female private tutor at his house are in love, but his family are against their marriage and send him to America. Before he leaves for America, they hold their own wedding and vow to love forever. But once out of sight, her devotion weakens with time and falls in love with Jin-u's friend Seong-hun. Hearing about the fact, Jin-u hurriedly returns to fight a duel with him, and both of them die.

Boeing 727-89

JDA only operated two 727s, so this is either JA8314 or JA8315.

Boeing 727-89 of JDA-Japan Domestic Airlines.

Boeing 707-351C

Boeing 707-351C Northwest Airlines.

Douglas DC-3 in the background left.

Boeing 707-351C Northwest Airlines.

Douglas DC-3

Unidentified airline, taxiing in front of the 707-351C listed above.

Douglas DC-3.

Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation

Unidentified airline.

Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation.

Douglas DC-6

Unidentified aircraft in the foreground right, and Boeing 707 in the far background. Unknown livery for this DC-6.

Douglas DC-6.

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