Der rote Baron

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Movie poster of Der rote Baron.)

Movie (2008)
Also known as : The Red Baron

Matthias Schweighöfer (Manfred von Richthofen)
Joseph Fiennes (Capt. Roy Brown)
Lena Headey (Käte Otersdorf)
Til Schweiger (Werner Voss)

From his youth to his death, the romanced story of Manfred von Richthofen.

Albatros D.III

DRBaron Albatros-DIII CIMG4022.jpg
DRBaron Albatros-DIII CIMG4028.jpg

Albatros D.V

DRBaron Albatros-DV CIMG4029.jpg

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

A 3:4 scaled flyable airframe.

DRBaron CurtissJenny CIMG4025.jpg
DRBaron CurtissJenny CIMG4026.jpg
DRBaron CurtissJenny CIMG4027.jpg

Fokker Dr.I

DRBaron Fokker-DrI CIMG4038.jpg

Handley Page O/400

DRBaron HP0-400 CIMG4030.jpg
DRBaron HP0-400 CIMG4032.jpg
DRBaron HP0-400 CIMG4033.jpg

Sopwith F.1 Camel

DRBaron Sopwith-Camel CIMG4208.jpg
DRBaron Sopwith-Camel CIMG4209.jpg
DRBaron Sopwith-Camel CIMG4210.jpg

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5

DRBaron SE5 CIMG4211.jpg
DRBaron SE5 CIMG4212.jpg
"la mort qui fauche" (the mowing death) emblem was in fact from the french SPA 94 squadron !


DRBaron Spad CIMG4034.jpg
DRBaron Spad CIMG4036.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A fictionnal aircraft mixing some specifications of RAF. BE.8 and De Havilland DH.4.

DRBaron fictionnal CIMG4023.jpg
DRBaron fictionnal CIMG4024.jpg
DRBaron fictionnal CIMG4035.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

DRBaron Unid CIMG4037.jpg

Caquot dirigible (M type ?)

DRBaron Caquot CIMG4041.jpg

Ae 800

Germany was able to capture a Caquot Balloon which flew away following an incident. In three weeks, a copy was soon produced at large scale.

DRBaron Drachen-Ae CIMG4040.jpg
DRBaron Drachen-Ae CIMG4042.jpg

Unidentified balloon.

DRBaron balloon CIMG4039.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

An unidentified monoplane seen a couple of years before the beginning of the war.

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