Die Hard with a Vengeance

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Die Hard with a Vengeance movie poster.

Movie (1995)

Bruce Willis (John McClane)
Jeremy Irons (Simon Gruber)
Samuel L. Jackson (Zeus Carver)
Graham Greene (Joe Lambert)
Colleen Camp (Connie Kowalski)
Larry Bryggman (Insp. Walter Cobb)

John McClane is suspended from the NYPD but someone else has other ideas. After being rescued in Harlem by Zeus, the pair are sent on a set challenges whilst the criminals cary out their masterplan not realising that it is harder to kill McClane than first thought.

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Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II

MedEvac version used by McClane to chase after Gruber. Registration N73FA, Serial 45204.

DH3Bell 206.jpg
Zeus' MedEvac chopper gets shot by Gruber.

Aérospatiale SA 341 Gazelle

Used by Gruber to try and escape and kill McClane. Two appear to have been used in the production, with different runners and spotlights mounted in different positions.

Last attempt to kill McClane. Note the suddenly different position of the spotlight and the thinner runners.
McClane shoots the power cables above Gruber's helicopter causing it to crash.

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