Excellent Cadavers

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Excellent Cadavers movie poster.

TV Movie (1999)

Chazz Palminteri (Giovanni Falcone)
F. Murray Abraham (Tommaso Buscetta)
Anna Galiena (Francesca Falcone)
Andy Luotto (Paolo Borsellino)
Lina Sastri (Agnese Borsellino)
Arnoldo Foà (Judge Antonino Caponnetto)

Fact based story about the political battle that was waged against the Mafia in Sicily during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Chazz Palminteri plays Giovanni Falcone, a crusading prosecutor who tried to use money trails as a way to attack the mobsters. He is aided by a former mobster (F. Murray Abraham) who volunteers to turn state's evidence after his sons are killed by a renegade mob chief. With the mobster's help, the prosecutor was able to obtain over 300 convictions.

Dassault Falcon 20D

Registration I-LIAC, c/n 234.

Reg. I-LIAC Dassault Falcon 20D.
Reg. I-LIAC Dassault Falcon 20D.

ATR 42-300

Some unidentified jet airliners in the far background.

ATR 42-300.

Agusta Bell AB-212

Registration MM80742 / PS-43, c/n 5558 from the Polizia di Stato.

Reg. MM80742 / PS-43 Agusta Bell AB-212 of the Polizia di Stato.

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