Hector and the Search for Happiness

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Hector and the Search for Happiness movie poster.

Movie (2014)
French title : Hector et la recherche du bonheur

Simon Pegg (Hector)
Rosamund Pike (Clara)
Stellan Skarsgård (Edward)
Toni Collette (Agnes)

Hector, a London psychiatrist decides to travel the globe in search of happiness.

Fleet 16B Finch II

Reg. C-GBJS Fleet 16B Finch Mk. II, c/n 542, property of Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, British Columbia, Canada which exhibits her in the color of Serial No. 4725, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Hector-S-H 4725.jpg
Hector-S-H 4725B.jpg

Late in the movie, a radio command model of this aircraft.

Hector-S-H 4725C.jpg

Bristol F.2 Fighter

Front cover of Biggles and The Rescue Flight issued in 1993. The hidden aircraft (left) is a Sopwith Camel.
(right) Near an antique Hubley Kiddie Toy Plane.

Hector-S-H model.jpg

Radio Command Flying Model

Hector is piloting his yellow Fleet Finch when a Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a makes a near miss.

Hector-S-H RCmodel.jpg

Fokker D.VII

Hector-S-H RC DVII.jpg

A red Albatros D. Va and the yellow Fleet and the blue wing of Rudolph Berthold's Fokker D. VII and Captain McCudden's RAF S.E.5a

Hector-S-H train.jpg

Boeing 747

Numerous cabin scenes most on the upper deck, sometimes on the lower one. And just this drawing of the whole airliner.

Hector-S-H 747.jpg

Beechcraft Model 18

Hector-S-H Beech18.jpg

Douglas DC-3

As for the Boeing 747, filming inside the cabin is much more longer than this quick outside view ... and both aircraft are seen through Hector's mental image.

Douglas DC-3 of Phoebus Apollo Aviation.

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