Hei jin

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Hei jin poster.

Movie (1997)
Chinese title: 黑金
English title: Island of Greed

Andy Lau (Fong Kwok-fai)
Tony Leung Ka-fai (Chow Chiu-sin)
Pauline Suen (Tsui Miu-heung)
Annie Wu (Ling Fei)

Deals with corruption in the Government of the Republic of China.

Kawasaki BK 117 B-1

Registration B-99168, c/n 1056.


Registration B-99117, c/n 1033. Taipei Airlines seems to be fictional.


Bell 412

This helicopter was damaged during filming when Andy Lau brushed against the pitch stick while jumping out during a stunt. Daily Air later filed a lawsuit against Lau and he was eventually found to be liable.

Bell 412 of Daily Air.
Bell 412 of Daily Air.
Bell 412 of Daily Air.
Bell 412 of Daily Air.

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