High Treason

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High Treason DVD cover.

Movie (1929)
French title : Point ne tueras

Benita Hume (Evelyn Seymour)
Jameson Thomas (Michael Deane)
Basil Gill (President Stephen Deane)
Humberston Wright (Dr. Seymour)

(Synopsis needed)

Futuristic Aircraft

The first three minutes are displaying a wide range of airship and aircraft flying over what is given to be London.

High-Treason-1929 01B.jpg
High-Treason-1929 02C.jpg
High-Treason-1929 02B.jpg

... including this autogyro.

High-Treason-1929 03A.jpg
High-Treason-1929 03B.jpg

Unidentified Airship

High-Treason-1929 01353.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Looks like the Hawker Hart which is surprising because the type made its first flight in 1928 and entered service only in 1930.

High-Treason-1929 01323.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Twin engine biplane bomber with a biplane tail with twin rudders. Maybe Vickers Virginia as the leading edge seems slighty bent.

High-Treason-1929 06.jpg

Handley Page H.P.24 Hyderabad

The Handley Page H.P.24 Hyderabad was a RAF bomber in use between 1925 and 1933.
'C' / J8805 is from No. 99 (Bomber) Squadron (maybe No. 10 Squadron which just started to fly the type in 1928).
The roundel is nearly invisible as from the Type B (blue-red only).

High-Treason-1929 07.jpg
High-Treason-1929 01433.jpg

Another screenshot from s13a on IMCDB not found on the copy I watched but with a close view of a Hyderaba coded L :

High-Treason-1929 impdbvi2.jpg
High-Treason-1929 impdbvi2B.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

12 exhaust pipes ...

High-Treason-1929 impdbv1.jpg

Unidentified de Havilland Aircraft

High-Treason-1929 10153.jpg
High-Treason-1929 10154.jpg

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