Il... Belpaese

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Il... Belpaese movie poster.

Movie (1974)

Paolo Villaggio (Guido Belardinelli)
Silvia Dionisio (Mia)
Anna Mazzamauro (Signora Gruber)
Pino Caruso (Ovidio Camorrà)
Gigi Reder (Alfredo)
Massimo Boldi (Carletto)

After many years working abroad, Guido comes back to Milan. His dream is to set up a clock-shop but Italy is much changed while he was abroad. Robbery and bombs are daily events and to go out for a walk in the evening is risky. He succeeds however in setting up his shop only to see it destroyed by gangsters. But he meets a girl who calls herself Mia and he falls for her.

Bell 212

Bell 212.

Boeing 720-023B

On the right in the background, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 of ATI-Aero Trasporti Italiani

Boeing 720-023B of MEA-Middle East Airlines.

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