Inside the Mafia

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Inside the Mafia poster.

Movie (1959)
German title : Die schwarze Hand der Mafia
Italian title : 12 uomini da uccidere

Cameron Mitchell (Tony Ledo)
Robert Strauss (Sam Galey)
Grant Richards (Johnny Lucero)
Ted de Corsia (Augie Martello)

The operators of a small upstate New York airfield become unwilling pawns in the struggle for control of a crime syndicate by two rival Mafia factions.

Beechcraft AT-11

Registration N1099M, c/n 4047. Originally built for the USAAF with serial 42-37454. Evidently was converted back towards a conventional Beech 18 at some point, with a conventional nose, square windows, and top turret removed.


Douglas C-47A-85-DL Skytrain

Registration N6697C, c/n 20072. Built in 1944 for the USAAF with serial 43-15606. Exported to Spain in 1961 and reregistered EC-AQH, flying first for Aerotecnica S.A., then TASSA - Trabajos Aéreos del Sahara, SA. Ditched offshore 20 minutes after takeoff from Palma de Mallorca Airport on 21 June 1964. 1 fatality out of 28 occupants. The airframe was recovered but ultimately written off.


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