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Josep movie poster.

Movie (2020)

Sergi López (Josep Bartolí)
Bruno Solo (Serge (young) as the military policeman)
Gérard Hernandez (old Serge (Valentin's grandfather))

Life of cartoonist Josep Bartolí between February 1939 and the eve of the 1950s.

Note: This is an animated film. The aircraft shown in it are therefore not actual aircraft, however, where a reasonable depiction of an actual aircraft has been created, it has been identified as best as possible.

Unidentified Aircraft

First a bomber of the Luftwaffe :

Josep 00502.jpg

Later, German single-engined parading in an arrangement drawing a swatiska :

Josep 01413.jpg

These two facts (before September 1939) did not exist; they are elements of the narrative to underline the imminence of the war.

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