Kuro no Shamen

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Kuro no Shamen title card.

TV Movie (2016)
Japanese title: 黒の斜面

Rei Dan (Keiko Tsujii)
Taeko Kawakami (Rina Uchiyama)
Taizo Harada (Takashi Tsujii)
Ikkei Watanabe (Koji Toyama)

(Synopsis needed)

Airbus A320

Either the -211 or -214 variant of ANA, with the livery digitally altered in to the fictional "KMA".

KuronoShamen A320.jpg
KuronoShamen A320-rear.jpg

Multiple Airliners

Multiple airliners, two of which belong to ANA with the tail wing markings generified, can be spotted on this shot of Haneda Airport. Most prominent is the Boeing 777 at lower center.

KuronoShamen RJTT.jpg

Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

Of the Japan Coast Guard.

KuronoShamen JCG.jpg

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