La cage (1963)

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La cage(1963) movie poster

Movie (1963)
English Title: The Cage

Marina Vlady (Isabelle)
Jean Servais (Rispal)
Muriel David (Oyane)
Colette Duval (Colette)
Alain Bouvette (Le contremaître)
Marianne Foké (La fiancée de David)

After studying medicine in France ,David comes back to his native Gabon to treat his compatriots.He meets Oyana ,his former sweetheart ,and both laugh at the old-fashioned traditions .The young physician is sent to the bush where he is to vaccinate the somewhat reluctant population.He meets Rispal, a white man who tells him there are things he ignores in his own country where legends ,witches and superstitions abound.Most amazing thing,this embittered man has a wife,Isabelle ,a beautiful woman who wanders through the bush.

Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21

Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.21 of Compagnie Transgabon .

Douglas DC-4-1009

Registration TU-BTF, c/n 42909. On the right F-xxxx Douglas DC-3.

Reg.TU-BTF Douglas DC-4-1009 of Air Afrique.
Reg.TU-BTF Douglas DC-4-1009 of Air Afrique.

Douglas DC-3C

Registration F-BEFO, c/n 14597. Delivered to Air Nolis in 1948, sold to Air France in 1950, then to Transgabon in 1960.

Douglas DC-3C of Compagnie Transgabon .

Bell 47G

Bell 47G.

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