Le mystère de la tour Eiffel

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Le mystère de la tour Eiffel title screen.

Silent Movie (1927)

Tramel (Mironton brothers)
Régine Bouet (Sylvanie)
Gaston Jacquet (Sir William Dewitt)
Jimmy Gaillard (Réginald)

The Mironton brothers are twins but pass themselves off as Siamese twins at the fair. One of them is to receive a fabulous inheritance, but it is the other who learns of it.

Caudron C.68

Reg. F-AEIM Caudron C.68 c/n 5148.1 of 1922 (originally the second C.60 built). Was registered as F-ESAJ in different times.
The Caudron C.68 was first flown in 1922 and was on display at the 1922 Paris Salon, which opened on 15 December. Another C.68 -this F-AEIM but with a clear skin and registration painted in black- was flown to Paris by Becheler who landed it in front of the Grand Palais on 16 December 1922, then gave a demonstration of its folding wings.

LeMystTEiffel F-AEIM.jpg
LeMystTEiffel impdbi4.5.jpg
LeMystTEiffel impdbi3.9.jpg
LeMystTEiffel impdbi5.2.jpg
LeMystTEiffel impdbi6.1.jpg
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