Liu lang di qiu

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Liu lang di qiu movie poster.

Movie (2019)
Chinese title : 流浪地球
English title : The Wandering Earth

Qu Chuxiao as Liu Qi (刘启)
Li Guangjie as Captain Wang Lei (王磊)
Ng Man-tat as Han Zi'ang (韩子昂)
Zhao Jinmai as Han Duoduo (韩朵朵)

Action set in 2058 - 2061 ... with some uchronic elements !

Bombardier CL-415

Liu-lang-di-qiu CL-415.jpg

Fictional Helicopter

Close to Boeing CH-47 Chinook's shape ... only close, not a real one.

Liu-lang-di-qiu helo.jpg

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

The long-life Chinnok (first flight in 1961, still (2021) in production with the latest variant designed during twenty-first century) seen here rescueing flooded people : area of probability.

Liu-lang-di-qiu CH-47.jpg

Saturn V Apollo

Last Apollo flight : 14 May 1973 ...

Liu-lang-di-qiu Apollo.jpg

Fictional Rocket

Liu-lang-di-qiu ApolloPost.jpg

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