Lost Horizon (1973)

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Lost Horizon (1973) French movie poster.

Movie (1973)
French title : Les horizons perdus

Peter Finch (Richard Conway)
Liv Ullmann (Catherine)
George Kennedy (Sam Cornelius)
Michael York (George Conway)

(Synopsis needed)

Douglas DC-3

LH73 00315.jpg

The story begins with the evocation of a revolution... Chinese in 1937... undefined in 1973 so as not to offend the susceptibility of the Middle Kingdom. It is thus an imaginary company (Air East Asia) which appears on the plane.

LH73 01640.jpg
LH73 01810.jpg
LH73 01908.jpg

Douglas DC-6

LH73 00630.jpg

Fairchild Hiller FH-1100

Reg. N9054 Fairchild Hiller FH-1100 c/n 87.
On landing, the full registration is seen under the fuselage.

LH73 21235 N9054.jpg

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