Mayday (movie, 2019)

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For other movies with the word Mayday, see Mayday (Disambiguation).

Mayday DVD cover.

Movie (2019)

Michael Paré (Adam Anderson)
Crystal Santos (Rochelle)
Chanel Ryan (Lynn)
Vincent Rivera (Captain Perez)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing 737 & Boeing 747-400

The shadow of a Boeing 737 is hidding a Boeing 747-400 of Air New Zealand near the tail of a Virgin Atlantic Airways airliner at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX).

Mayday2019 01.jpg

Boeing 737

Flight 88 is a Boeing 737 (various variant depending the action) even if the DVD cover is showing an Airbus ...

Mayday2019 01b.jpg
Mayday2019 01c.jpg
Mayday2019 01d.jpg
Cockpit of a Boeing 737 (Classic ?).
Why this view is flipped ? (compare with the previous screenshot)
Mayday2019 03.jpg
Mayday2019 04.jpg

Boeing 737 MAX

Mayday2019 05.jpg

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