Nihon chinbotsu (1973)

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Nihon chinbotsu (1973) movie poster.

Disambiguation : Nihon chinbotsu

Movie (1973)
Japanese title : 日本沈没
French title : La submersion du Japon
English title : Tidal Wave

Keiju Kobayashi (Dr. Tadokoro)
Hiroshi Fujioka (Onodera Toshio)
Ayumi Ishida (Abe Reiko)
Rhonda Leigh Hopkins (Fran)

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Kawasaki OH-6J

Code E-31002 / JG-1002 for this Kawasaki OH-6J of the First Aviation Squadron, Eastern Army Aviation Group of the JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, 陸上自衛隊, Rikujō Jieitai).

NihonChinbotsu73 helo-E31002.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo-Hughes.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo-H2.jpg

Boeing 707

Boeing 707 of Cathay Pacific.

Boeing 727

Boeing 727 of ANA-All Nippon Airways.
Boeing 727 of China Airlines.

Boeing 747

Boeing 747 of JAL-Japan Air Lines.

Shin Meiwa PS-1

Aircraft coded 5808 / 08 was the eighth anti-submarine warfare airframe from a batch of twenty one ordered by the JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, 海上自衛隊, Kaijō Jieitai).
On 6 April 1977, the airplane landed hard on the sea killing one crew member while thirteen others were injured. The aircraft sank about 90 minutes later.

NihonChinbotsu73 ShinMaywa.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 ShinMaywa 5808.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 ShinMaywa2.jpg

Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107-IIA-4

Code 51702 / JG-1702 for this Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107-IIA-4 of the First Flight, Second Helicopter Group (IIH), First Helicopter Brigade of the JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, 陸上自衛隊, Rikujō Jieitai).

NihonChinbotsu73 helo-JG-1702.jpg

Bell UH-1B

41537 is one of Bell UH-1B of Eastern Helicopter Squadron (EH) based at Tachikawa (JGSDF station in the vicinity of Tokyo).

NihonChinbotsu73 helo2.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo3.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo4.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo5.jpg
NihonChinbotsu73 helo-41537.jpg

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