Odessa in fiamme

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Odessa in fiamme Italian movie poster.

Movie (1942)
Romanian title : Odessa în flăcări
English title : Odessa in Flames

Maria Cebotari (Maria Teodorescu)
Carlo Ninchi (Il capitano Sergio Teodorescu)
Filippo Scelzo (Michele Smirnoff)
Olga Solbelli (Luba)

1942 Italian-Romanian propaganda war film about the Battle of Odessa in 1941. It is an anti-communist propaganda work focusing on a family trapped in Soviet-occupied Bessarabia and its eventual liberation by Axis forces during Operation Barbarossa.
Probably the only (surviving) movie featuring the indigenous Romanian fighter IAR 80.

IAR 37

380 IAR 37 were built at the end of the 1930s. This Romanian reconnaissance or light bomber aircraft was designed by Industria Aeronautică Română.

OdessaInFlames 04230.jpg

Heinkel He 111 E-3

The Forțele Aeriene Române (Romanian Air Force) used ten Heinkel He 111 E-3 during Barbarossa. Later, forty-two Heinkel He 111 H were on duty.

OdessaInFlames 04231.jpg

The IAR 80 is filmed from the nose section of a Heinkel He 111 E (quite different of the later Heinkel He 111 H).

OdessaInFlames 11941.jpg

IAR 80

Hard to see the shape of this line-up of IAR 80s ...
The left (black) window displays the engine, spinner and propeller. The main entrance allows to see the landing gear and the low wing but the cockpit station is hidden by the spinner of a closest aircraft (itself hard to see due to the flag hanging on the façade).

OdessaInFlames 04220.jpg

Close to the end, now in flight :

OdessaInFlames 11649.jpg
OdessaInFlames 11940.jpg

The bad copy doesn't help to see correctly the fighter.

OdessaInFlames 11747-2.jpg

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