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Saidoweizu poster.

Movie (2009)
Japanese title: サイドウェイズ
English alternate title: Sideways

Fumiyo Kohinata (Michio Saito)
Katsuhisa Namase (Daisuke Uehara)
Kyôka Suzuki (Mayuko Tanaka)
Rinko Kikuchi (Mina Parker)

A middle-aged Japanese man travels to California to attend the wedding of his American-based friend. Prior to the big event, they take one last trip to Napa Valley, where they taste wine, dally with romance.

Boeing 737

Boeing 737 of Southwest Airlines landing at LAX.

Saidoweizu SWA.jpg

Boeing 777-381

A Boeing 777 of ANA landing at LAX.

Saidoweizu ANA.jpg

Los Angeles International Airport

Airbus A340 of Air Tahiti Nui in the far background, two Boeing 747s of Northwest Airlines and Virgin Atlantic Airways at far right.

Saidoweizu LAX.jpg

Boeing 777

Two Boeing 777s, one of ANA and another of American Airlines, can be seen outside the window, presumably from an airport lounge at the Tom Bradley terminal of LAX.

Saidoweizu Lounge.jpg

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