Six Minutes to Midnight

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Six Minutes to Midnight movie poster.

Movie (2020)

Eddie Izzard (Thomas Miller)
Judi Dench (Miss Rocholl)
Carla Juri (Ilse Keller)
James D'Arcy (Captain Drey)

(Synopsis needed)

Note: This film utilises a significant quantity of Computer Generated Images (CGI). Aircraft portrayed in this film may not be entirely accurate and have been identified as closely as possible to real aircraft.

Junkers Ju 52/3m

6mnTomidnight 12230.jpg
6mnTomidnight 12238.jpg

Supermarine Spitfire Mk I

Supermarine Spitfire KL°A so from No. 54 Squadron RAF (code from September 1939 to June 1942). Not too bad but the movie ends few days later when we hear from a radio the Chamberlain's voice announcing that Britain is at war with Germany. So Squadron's code should be DL ...
The white band is too doubtfull.

6mnTomidnight 12330 spit.jpg

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