Tenkû no hachi

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Tenkû no hachi movie poster.

Movie (2015)
Japanese title: 天空の蜂
English title: The Big Bee

Yosuke Eguchi (Kazuaki Yuhara)
Masahiro Motoki (Koichi Mishima)
Yukie Nakama (Akamine)
Gô Ayano (Saika)

Engineers try to save a young child and a nuclear power plant from a helicopter guided by a criminal.

Nishiki CH-50J

The titular "Big Bee" of this movie. In-universe this helicopter was supposed to be delivered to the Japan Air Self Defense Force. Looks to be based on the Sikorsky CH-53 family.

Big Bee CH-50.jpg
Big Bee CH-50-rear.jpg

Scale model

Big Bee CH-50-model.jpg

Eurocopter AS355 Ecureuil 2

Reg. JA355E, c/n 9608, with false Aichi Prefectural Police markings. It should be noted that this specific unit was delivered in 2002 despite the movie taking place in 1995.

Big Bee JA355E.jpg

Bell 412

Reg. JA9616, c/n 33109; still with its civilian registration present despite the JASDF markings.

Big Bee JA9616.jpg
Big Bee JA9616-closeup.jpg

JA9616 and the CH-50

Big Bee 2 Helicopters.jpg

Another Bell 412, possibly the same JA9616; this time bearing the registration "JA5505" which actually belonged to a Beechcraft 18 owned by the Japanese Coast Guard that retired in 1981.

Big Bee JA5505.jpg

Unidentified Cropduster

Most likely a radio-controlled model helicopter. Possibly the same one seen in The Cove?

Big Bee Cropduster.jpg

Various Aircraft

While the movie claims this is Nagoya Airfield (known as Nagoya Airport in 1995, when this movie was set), it's likely another airfield is standing in for NKM.

Big Bee Komaki.jpg

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