The Sentinel

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Theatrical poster for The Sentinel

Movie (2006)

Michael Douglas (Pete Garrison)
Kiefer Sutherland (David Breckinridge)
Eva Longoria Parker (Jill Marin)
Kim Bassinger (Sarah Ballantine)
Martin Donovan (William Montrose)

When evidence of a mole inside the Secret Service is discovered, the witchunt begins with the evidence leading right to the Service's most distinguished agent. On the run, he must prove his innocence and find the real traitor.

Sikorsky S-61N

This is a civillian version of the SH-3 Sea King, mocked up to be a Marine One VH-3D.

SNS-61 2.jpg
SNS-61 3.jpg

Bell 412

This helicopter, Registration N412PP, is operated by the U.S. Park Police.


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