The Towering Inferno

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The Towering Inferno theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1974)

Steve McQueen (Chief Mike O'Hallorhan)
Paul Newman (Doug Roberts)
William Holden (Jim Duncan)
Faye Dunaway (Susan Franklin)
Fred Astaire (Harlee Claiborne)
Susan Blakely (Patty Simmons)

Faulty wiring in a recently opened Glass Tower, a San Francisco skyscraper, starts a fire on the eighty-first floor, trapping several people on the floors above it. The fire department races to control the fire and rescue the trapped innocents.

Bell 206B JetRanger II

Duncan Enterprises helicopter. Flies architect Doug Roberts to the Glass Tower at the beginning. Registration N20DB, Serial 937.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.


Bell 212

Rescue helicopters in false US Navy livery used for multiple purposes throughout the movie. One crashes on the rooftop heliport during an aborted rescue attempt. Another is used to lower a stranded glass elevator filled with people safely to the street.


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