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Welcome to the IMPDb

Thanks for joining The Internet Movie Plane Database 3loader!

It's great to have you! I swear I have seen your username somewhere before. Anyway, if you feel you can contribute to the project in any way, please feel free to do so. I know the viewing community, including myself and the other users would be very appreciative of anything you can do to help. Since the site is so young, we are a long ways away from where we want to be.

There is a new users page which can help make the site easier to use. If you are interested in getting more involved, we would encourage you to register on the forum to publicly discuss site ideas, and other aviation info and thoughts.

Tobin Lee 13:44, 17 February 2011 (MST) - IMPDb Co-Founder

Airwolf Jet

I noticed you suggested the Tornado for this jet but then changed your mind. Out of curiosity, why was that? Been trying to identify it myself but no luck. Looks a bit like one of the soviet ground attack jets.

Bthebest - IMPDb Administrator 16:14, 9 September 2011 (MDT)

Hello! Sorry for did not ansvered for a long time, but i am just not realy experienced wiki-interface user :( About that jet, i thought it european Tornado becaose of first shot. But second shot, from the side, have nothing similar with Tornado especially tale wich is too small. I can say that those jets not lookin' soviet to me.